Understanding Music Publishing (PART TWO)

Types of Music Publishing Agreements


In our last post we zoned in on some of the basics of Music Publishing and the key roles of a music publisher. As we move forward in this series, today we will examine the different types of music publishing agreements, as well as key factors you should expect and look out for in any music publishing agreement before you sign.

Clinique Juridique des artistes de Montreal (CJAM) categorize that writer/publisher contracts often fall under two categories, publishing and administrative. CJAM differentiates the two categories, offering that under publishing agreements, authors/songwriters/composer will sign assign a portion of their copyright in the song to the publisher (generally 50%), whereas under administrative agreements the author generally will not sign over a portion of the copyright. Rather they grant a right to administer the publication of their work for a specific period of time (CJAM, n.d.).

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Understanding Music Publishing (PART ONE)

PART ONE: Music Publishing Basics


how_to_start_publishing_co-770x437So you’re new to the songwriting and music composition scene but you’re ready to not just get your feet wet but determined to take a plunge and take advantage of all of the opportunities available to you as a songwriter, especially when it comes to generating income from your songwriting and music compositions.

You know that some of the opportunities available to you include the use of your songs in movies, shopping your songs to record labels to provide to recording artistes and having your compositions in advertisements. From the little you know, a music publisher is usually the go between to link you to those opportunities.

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ECCO introduces New Licensing Management System

On February 01, 2016, in a continuing  effort to improve efficiency and accountability the Eastern Caribbean Collective Organization for Music Rights (ECCO) Inc, rolled out a new software package geared at managing the collection process of royalties, Akisoft.

Designed by Dr Wayne Goodrige, a lecturer at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus, the Akisoft system will utilize the existing tariff rules for music licensing within the Eastern Caribbean territories to provide quotations and invoices for music users obtaining licenses for public use of music. Through this automated system ECCO’s Head Office and ECCO’s agents in every ECCO administered territory are now able to directly input into the system the necessary details regarding the event, and have the respective license/permit and invoice generated on the spot; therefore eliminating the need to print forms.

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