210951_10152047622450244_247518038_o“Being on the edge doesn’t mean that you have come to the end… It means that now you have a better view of what’s below and your only option is to keep going up,” a clearly passionate Claudia Edward says to us during her spotlight interview. “That’s the message I seek to portray through my music. To encourage others to keep fighting the good fight. Whatever their passion, don’t give up.”

Fight the good fight, she certainly does! Swinging and winning!

Affectionately called ‘The Diva,’ Claudia’s love journey with music began from the age of 8; singing in church. Even at such a young age, so unique and beautiful was a her voice, and her love for singing so apparent, that it wasn’t long before she was a regular part of church worship and school activities, singing in the choir and at school assemblies.

For Claudia, this foundation of being raised in a nurturing musical SDA church environment is something she considers a great fortune, noting that it allowed her from young to identify and grow her talents and her passion.

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How To Access Sync Licensing Opportunities as an Independent Songwriter

It’s the start of a new year, and we’re certain that one of your top focuses is increasing your revenue from your music. After all, you devote a lot of your resources, including time and money, into your music project. The current reality within the Eastern Caribbean makes it almost impossible for you to generate significant earnings from broadcast royalties; so what really are your options? What other avenues can you pursue to earn money from your musical works?

More and more, Synchronization Licensing is being lauded as one such avenue for independent composers, songwriters and artists to not only generate an income, but also as a platform for greater music exposure.

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