Dynamite 1“All when them, na believe in me, me believe in me forever. Me ha fi have faith as a mustard seed, me believe in me. Aim beyond the stars, go fe wey you want. Work hard.”

These powerful words resound through Joel “Dynamite” Tyril’s inspirational reggae track, “Believe,” as the 24-year-old recording artiste and songwriter, in his timbre expressive voice urges his listeners to fully go after their dreams.

By his own accord, Dynamite considers himself a “positive, self-motivated light,” with workaholic tendencies. Determined to fill the void of positive music which he believes currently exists in young contemporary music, Dynamite says his focus is to bring to the scene an abundance of high energy dancehall and reggae music with in-depth lyrics and uplifting punch lines.

His love for music was nurtured at an early age on account of his father’s daily 5am reggae music sessions. So it wasn’t long before a young Dynamite was performing—albeit on the lunch time playground!—as he and his primary school classmates would host their own freestyle battles to see who amongst them had the best lyrics! Suffice it to say, Dynamite won his fair share of those school-boy contests.

Dynamite 2As his spark for music continued to ignite, Dynamite says, the flame soon became so bright, that he couldn’t help but decide to fully pursue this passion. He decided to take his craft more seriously and at age 16, started writing music. By 19, Dynamite began recording and producing his own music, while balancing his academic pursuits.

Dynamite lists his greatest music accomplishments to date as, winning the 2015 National Association of Music Professionals (AMP) Award for best reggae single, performing on the same stage with Sizzla, Protégé, TOK and Mr. Vegas; and Being able to release two official music videos.

“Belief, faith and willingness to persist and stay consistent despite the temporary setback,” are his formula for success, says Dynamite as he offers that his ultimate music goals are to touch and change as many lives through his music and to win 7 Grammy awards!

But the dynamic Dynamite says he is under no pretense that achieving his dreams will be easy. Being based in the Eastern Caribbean, Dynamite says promotions and gaining exposure in the international markets are perhaps two of the greatest challenges faced, by not just him but other Caribbean artists. He however refuses to let these challenges cripple him, stating that instead he seeks to seize every opportunity afforded to him, to share his music, whether face-to-face, online or through constant music giveaways.

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Written by Christine “Chrycee” Charlemagne