TC Brown“I didn’t get started in music, music started in me, from as far as I know… I didn’t choose music, it chose me,” said a clearly passionate TC Brown during his member spotlight interview with ECCO.

Widely known for his songwriting, music composition, productions, as a former Calypso Monarch of St Lucia, and as a senior radio announcer on the Wave 94.5, TC reminisced that at age five, he’d sit assiduously under his parent’s Bagatelle home, creating his very own drum kit. He was also a part of the Cathedral Junior Choir. As he grew older his passion for music led him to perform at local hotels, traveling the world performing on cruise ships, and even a tour of the United Kingdom!

TC says his music inspiration comes from life, noting that he finds joy in simple pleasures that people sometimes take for granted.

Asked if there was any one thing he could pinpoint as his greatest music accomplishment to date, TC responded that he considers every completed music composition or song his biggest accomplished. “I feel fully satisfied every time I finish creating a song, even if the world will never hear it. I also like the feeling that I am at an advanced level in playing and reading classical guitar music.”

With an ultimate goal, to one day write a song that the entire world will sing in different languages, TC admits that being an island-based music professional certainly has its challenges and difficulties. One of which, he says, is the fact that there is no structured music infrastructure or music industry. This is he says has led to a “hand-to-mouth” approach, which will limit the profitability of music within the Eastern Caribbean in the long run.

TC Brown 2Vehemently, TC added that perhaps the biggest challenge with music in the Eastern Caribbean, is getting people to see and understand the strength and power of consuming ours. This overall lack of support and appreciation which musicians, composers, and artistes face within the Eastern Caribbean, continuously causes them to look towards the global audience, said TC.

Yet with a positive nod, TC said he believes that if as a people, we can begin to appreciate and consume music not just from Jamaica and Trinidad, but from the entire Caribbean region, the possibilities for growth and success of Caribbean music would be endless.

For his country, St Lucia, TC, is hopefully that with time, the music structure would transform, creating a viable industry, beneficial to all members; one with great respect for music and arts; a strong and stable music industry, which can turn a Marchand Girl to a Rihanna!

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—Written by Christine “Chrycee” Charlemagne